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Whether you need to present an annual report, give a sales pitch to a new client, or need something a little more customized, our designers will work with you to create a presentation that is engaging, clearly structured and really shows your content at its best.



about this service

If you have some slides you want transformed into a professional presentation, then this service is for you. Just send us your material and we return a polished set of PowerPoint slides that you can be proud to present to your colleagues and clients. Below you'll find:

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  • what's included in our service
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how we design your presentation

We'll design your presentation

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Layout Layout: Create Title master, Section master and multiple Content masters as appropriate for the content. These will be placed onto standard 10" x 7.5" slides.


Prepare Prepare: We clean text ready for careful layout by removing unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections. Combine and sequence all text and images to ensure the correct content on each slide.


Style Style: Select fonts, colors, backgrounds, textures and other design flourishes like icons or graphics to enhance the content of the presentation.


Animation Animation: Add slide transitions or effects as appropriate. We would typically advise keeping the effects minimal but can certainly include them where they add to the content.


Images Images: Check and adjust the quality of each image to verify each will appear as vivid as possible. Enhance photographs by adjusting color model, resolution, contrast, tones and ink saturation. Clean-up or vectorize diagrams and other graphics as required.


Powerpoint Powerpoint: Save final slides as an optimized slide set for screen (size, color).

PDF: Export slides from design software to static high-resolution pages.

what's included in our service

what's included in our service

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From $8.00 USD per page 

The exact price of your job depends on the length and complexity of your presentation. We will always need to review your files before we can issue your quotation. A minimum price of ($320 USD minimum)typically applies but if you require multiple presentations with similar styling then we offer volume pricing with lower rates. We ask for 50% payment for our designers to start work and the balance once you are entirely happy. All credit and debit card payments are made by PayPal.

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Turnaround in 4 – 6 business days

The time we need to complete your job will be stated in your quotation. Please allow yourself extra time to review your files and request changes. If you have a tight deadline please ask for our express service. Express jobs are subject to a 30%, 50% or 100% fee depending on the speed required as our staff will often need to work on them outside normal business hours.

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Things to consider for your figures

A presentation will always look more professional when figures are branded and styled to match. Where applicable we will offer to restyle these and itemise any additional charges in your quotation. If figures are provided in editable, source format such as Excel or SmartArt they can just be reworked and restyled. If we are asked to work on figures that are only available as images, we can completely rebuild and style these from scratch as editable diagrams, charts or graphs but would require longer to do so.

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You receive a fully editable PowerPoint presentation

We return to you a standard PowerPoint .pptx file. This will have been cleanly formatted using proper styles, and will be fully editable and complaint with all currently supported versions of PowerPoint. If your presentation includes anything other than system fonts then we will also include a free font file along with installation instructions so this displays correctly in your presentation.

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Clear changes policy

Receiving your feedback, changes and updates is part of the process. We update your sample until you are entirely happy. Once the whole job is completed, you may request a single set of free styling changes. All other changes are charged from $48 USD and include providing new instructions or updating an agreed sample. Your document will be returned as a PowerPoint file so any edits you can make to it directly. We will also provide a pdf version for you to add your changes comments. We will always look to make changes as quickly as possible. In the event you need to cancel a job please see our terms for details.

next steps

Got questions? Of course you do, and that's fine! After ten years in the business when it comes to design, we really really know what we're doing. So whether you want to discuss the complexities of your file, express turnaround, volume pricing or confidentiality - get in touch and let's talk. Just don't forget to send us your files wherever you can, they don't have to be finished but reviewing some of the material tells us more about your document than you can possibly imagine!

Got files ready to go? Have a look at the list below to see what else we need from you. Now visit our contact page to send everything through to us. Our designers will then review it all and issue a quotation with a full breakdown of price, turnaround and all design details.

what we need from you

what we need from you

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Files Files: Send us your text in editable format (MS Word or existing MS PowerPoint file) and any other material like charts or photos in source format wherever possible (Excel, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator).


Branding Branding: Provide your company logo, color scheme or guidelines. Your logo should either be sent as a vector file or the highest quality jpg you have available.


Images Images: If you would like us to source more images or photos to add to your individual slides then just describe what you want and we would be happy to source these for you.


Powerpoint Powerpoint: Tell us if you want your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. This is what we would typically use for the majority of business presentations. You receive fully editable slides.

PDF: Alternatively, let us know if you instead you would like a set of static PDF slides. These slides are a great alternative when animation and effects are not required. They can be produced in any software, giving total scope for fonts, images, design. They work on all platforms, devices and projectors.