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Across our site we have a dedicated page for every service we offer. Each of these pages includes a know what you're buying section which describes in detail everything you need to know including pricing, terms, turnaround and changes policies. Below are our general terms of service.

1  Content

1.1 Ownership: You own all rights, free of any encumbrances, to the documents. We do not claim any rights to the documents and are not in any way responsible for their contents.

1.2 Authority: You are either the author of the documents, or you have written agreement from the other authors/contributors and the full authority to enter into this agreement. This agreement does not breach any agreement you have made with anyone else.

1.3 Material: You ensure that no part of your book contains matter which is obscene, indecent, defamatory, unlawful, or which in any way infringes, invades, or violates any right, including privacy, copyright, trademark, or trade secret of any person or entity.

1.4 Copyright: For work not in the public domain, you have secured legally effective licences from the copyright holder, including those for any images or extracts.

2  Responsibility

2.1 Agreement: You may not assign this agreement or any rights or obligations in it to a third party without our prior written consent.

2.2 Liability: We will not be liable for delays, errors, or non-performance of services caused by any of our third-party vendors or suppliers. In no event shall we be liable for indirect damages, consequential damages or loss of profit. Our liability under the agreement shall be limited to the amounts paid by the customer to us. Wordzworth is incorporated in the UK and controlled by the laws of England and Wales.

2.2 Indemnity: Wordzworth provides a design service. You are responsible for the content and for ensuring that suitable licenses have been acquired for any images or fonts you include.

3  Disputes

3.1 Resolution: Any customer who has a dispute must provide reasonable opportunity for Wordzworth to resolve the issues. Wordzworth will offer a Director to speak directly to the customer in order to agree any required actions.

3.2 Design: In the unlikely event you wish to cancel a design job, Wordzworth reserves the right to retain a proportion of your initial payment to cover the work already completed. In the event that Wordzworth cancels your job, a full refund will be provided and there will be no further responsibility on either party.

4  Website

4.1 Content: All content included on this website is property of Wordzworth. Material may not reproduced, copied, stored or re-used without prior permission.

4.2 Defects: We do not claim this website will be free from defects and accept no liability for any damage arising from its use or non-availability.

5  Privacy

5.1 Cookies: We use a number of cookies on our website. Essential cookies enable you to log into secure areas and complete online forms. Analytical cookies including those from Google Analytics which allow us to analyse visitor numbers and see how customers interact with our website. Marketing cookies recognise when you return to our website, personalise content for you and remember your preferences. You can change your cookie settings at any time in your browser but please note that if you disable cookies, some website functionality may not be available.

5.2 Collection: In the process of doing your job we may also collect your name, email. address and phone number. We do not hold any financial information.

5.3 Usage: We respect your privacy. We will not misuse, sell or exploit any information provided to us. All your information is for the purpose of processing your order. Any information provided to us will not be shared with 3rd parties.

5.4 Changes: JustDocumentz reserves the right to make changes in this policy. If there is a material change in our privacy practices, we will indicate on our site that our privacy practices have changed and provide a link to the new privacy policy.

5.5 Removal: We provide this privacy policy as a statement to you of our commitment to protect your personal information. If you have submitted personal information through our website and would like that information deleted from our records or would like to update or correct that information, please email

5.6 Agreement: If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy as posted here on this website, please do not use this site or any of the services we offer. Your use of this site indicates acceptance of our Privacy Policy.